Turn business into repeat business

Repeat clients are the cornerstone of a thriving business. Keep clients coming back with automated re-booking, starting at just $29/month

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Ready for appointment autopilot?


No more phone calls: your clients text to book. Our technology handles the busywork and ensures you're never double-booked. The best part? Clients love it.


Your clients are busy. We gently remind them to show up, so they don't forget. Earn more with a full schedule.


Good clients keep coming back. We'll handle follow-up, making your business predictable, and stable.

How it works

A personal assistant

Your clients text a private phone number. Just tell them "I have a new personal assistant", they'll understand.

Usable by everyone

Are your clients hard-of-hearing or don't speak English well? They'd prefer to text—ask them and see.


No "Press 1 for customer service". Send messages just like you're texting friends or family.

Works with Google Calendar

No need for a separate calendar: if you have Gmail, we'll keep everything on your Google Calendar.

Where your clients are

Launching first on text messages (SMS). facebook Messenger coming soon.

No app, no site

No accounts, no signups, no tiny grids; just text messages.