Privacy policy


This policy describes the information we (Shortbar, Inc.) collect to operate Interval, and how we use it. Though this policy is a required document, we hope it will convince you of our trustworthy stewardship of your data.

In general, the world of software is one of great choice and variety for customers. Because software is a competitive industry, the pursuit of success has historically led some companies to make poor choices with user data. When reading a privacy policy, in addition to the language of the policy itelf, we think it's critical to ask whether the spirit of privacy, and respectful use of user data, is likely to help a company's commercial prospects, or hinder them. Consider carefully how the business earns revenue. Attorneys who break confidences get disbarred; a business that makes money from the sale of user data may not be as discerning. Also, remember that software businesses (including customer data) experience frequent changes of control—they are bought and sold—and that any claims made by prior managements may not be honored if different people are put in charge.

There are two very important reasons you, as a customer, should trust your data to Interval. First, customer subscriptions are our sole source of revenue—period. We do not sell data, advertise, or use your data for any other purpose than helping faciliate bookings. Second, Shortbar, Inc is controlled exclusively by its employees, without third-party investment. We believe these two facts put us in a unique position to make choices about your data that other companies can't, or won't, make. We simply don't need the pointless reputational and legal risk inherent in poor choices about customer data.

What we collect

In general, we endeavor to collect only information that is directly relevant to your use of our service:

Our use of data

Primary control of your data rests with shortbar, Inc., a California corporation. In particular, this means:

For any inquiries relating to the information above, please email us at or call us at the number listed below.